John Paulson,
NSFC Coordinator

NSFC works together to provide coordinator position

To support the ongoing work of cooperating agencies, organizations, and private landowners in restoring and revitalizing the North Shore’s forest landscape, the North Shore Forest Collaborative partners work together to provide for a coordinator position, currently held by John Paulson.

John is a familiar face to many as he has worked as a land manager at Minnesota Power for the past 32 years (now retired), as well as serving on the boards of Sugarloaf, Hartley Nature Center, Boulder Lake ELC, and was key in developing a new regional forest landscape initiative known as Rajala Woods Foundation.  John’s familiarity with the issues surrounding North Shore forest restoration and history of cooperation will serve to inform, inspire and contribute to the Collaborative’s expanding goals. 

Feel free to contact John with your questions, projects or thoughts on our efforts to restore the North Shore forest. John Paulson can be reached at, or (218)349-4530.