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Climate Change and the Forest

Climate change & a changing forest: What’s a landowner to do?

The headlines are everywhere: “Prepare for climate change now!” What does that mean for the North Shore forest, and what can a landowner do about it? The North Shore Forest Collaborative guidance is for landowners to continue to plant and protect a diversity of native plants and trees that natural resource professionals are recommending for a warming climate.

How will climate change affect the North Shore coastal forest?

We are fortunate to have the Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science (NIACS) located relatively nearby in Houghton, Michigan. Working with many scientists and land managers, NIACS has developed several studies and documents that are helpful when making decisions about forest management in a time of a changing climate: 

Summary of The Forest Ecosystem Vulnerability Assessment for Northern Minnesota

File: PDF

Minnesota Forest Vulnerability Assessment

Adaptation Planning Guide

(print version)

Online Adaptation Workbook

Video presentation on climate change impacts for Northwoods forests: NIACS Climate Change Video
Example of climate adaptation from the Superior National Forest north shore restoration project: