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North Shore Landowners Make Forest Restoration Happen!

A concerted effort of all North Shore landowners is needed for the long-term restoration and preservation of this forest and the protection of the streams associated with it.

How You Can Help:

Fencing Program

Our annual discount-priced fencing program helps North Shore landowners protect seedlings from deer browsing.

Tree Planting

Planting trees on the North Shore landscape is critical to restore ecology, wildlife habitat and improve water quality.

Click on the link below for more information about tree planting, seedling sources and more!

Invasive Species Control

Join in the fight to combat invasive species! Non-native and invasive plants often out-compete native habitats.

Click on the link below for more information about invasive plants and how to control them on your property.

Forester Help

Foresters can provide restoration guidance for your private woodland property.

Click on the link below for a list of agency and private consulting forester contacts for North Shore landowners.

Other Ways You Can Help

Providing support for the restoration of the North Shore Coastal Forest can come in many forms.

Program Financial Support: For years, the Weekes Family Foundation has contributed major financial support to make available to North Shore residents tree protection fencing at a significant discount. If you have an interest in financially supporting the NSFC’s program restoration efforts on a larger financial scale, call the NSFC administrative partner to discuss: Sugarloaf: The North Shore Stewardship Association at 218-525-0001.

Business Support: Creative support for forest restoration can take many forms, such as Castle Danger Brewery’s “White Pine IPA Project”. That idea has led to Castle Danger providing free white pine seedlings for people to plant on their properties. If you have a creative idea you wish to explore, email the NSFC Coordinator at

Volunteer: Help can also come by way of volunteering your time, by supporting North Shore’s only nature center at Sugarloaf Cove, helping a neighbor plant and protect trees, and volunteering at local Arbor Day or Earth Day events on the North Shore. For more information contact Sugarloaf at 218-525-0001.