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Meeting Archives

NSFC Meeting Archives

Since 2011, the North Shore Forest Collaborative has met on a regular basis. The meeting minutes of select/key meetings are included here.

2018 Work Session Meeting on Future of North Shore Forest Restoration.

This was a session to identify and plan actions to take to continue and promote restoration efforts.   February 9, Beaver Bay Town Hall.

Overall Meeting Notes

File: PDF

Work Session 1 Results

File: PDF

(Actions to take, Barriers to Overcome)

Work Session 2 Results

File: PDF

(How to implement, How to fund)

NE Landscape Meeting

Presentation (PDF)

Dave Ingebrigtsen, DNR Assistant Wildlife Manager. Presentation to NE Landscape Committee of Minnesota Forest Resources Council March 17, 2017

2016 Fall General NSFC Meeting – November 18, 2016, Beaver Bay, MN

Meeting Notes (PDF)

Featured Speaker – Cory Holden of Holden Logging

2015 Accomplishment Report

File: PDF

2015 NSFC Accomplishment Report

Fall NSFC Meeting October 29, 2015 

Meeting Notes

File: PDF

DNR –  State Forest Resource Management Planning for Northern Superior Uplands section

File: PDF

The Nature Conservancy

Adaptation Forestry in Minnesota’s North Woods (adaptation for climate change

File: PDF

Fact Sheet

Adaptation Forestry

File: PDF

January 2015 public meetings – Presentations and Handouts

Key Projects List

File: PDF

List of Land Managers in the North Shore landscape

File: PDF

Fall NSFC Meeting October 24, 2014 

White tailed Deer on the North Shore

File: PDF

Deer Impacts on People and Forests

File: PDF

Managing a Landscape with Deer

File: PDF